How can you tell if you're going to like this blog?  Well, Doglandia is where you and your dog are free to be a family!   

  • Still call your dog Baby?  You are most certainly welcome here.  
  • Refer to yourself as Mommy or Daddy?  That's a bonus.  
  • Cook for your dog?  Let's swap recipes! 
  • Let your dog on the furniture?  If it's okay with you, it's okay with me too. 

Across America, tails are wagging with enthusiasm. Why? Because dogs (and the people who love them) are tired of the old school, top-dog, alpha centric mentality.  They are longing for a new approach that embraces them for the loving, intelligent beings that they are!

In Doglandia, we know that, in many ways, dogs are very similar to us.  They have many of the same brain capacities as young children:

  • By several behavioral measures, dogs’ mental abilities are equivalent to a human child 2 to 3 ½ years of age. They can learn between 165 to 250 words, count up to 4 or 5 and have a basic understanding of arithmetic. 
  • Dogs can form abstract concepts and classify complex color photographs and place them in categories. 
  • Dogs can imitate humans and have a sense of fairness; domestic dogs are unusually skilled at reading human social and communicative behavior. 

Doesn’t it make sense that we treat these sensitive, intelligent creatures a bit more like children? Dogs — like kids — raised with kindness and respect grow up happy. And happy is good.

So welcome to, my blog site!  As an author of over a dozen books on dog training and care and a blogger on many platforms including the Huffington Post and WAG, I bring my enthusiasm and passion for fostering positive bonds between pets and their people.

So call your dog and join me on life's wonderful adventure!  Subscribe to my blog; my posts and guest posts offer unique fear-free training and problem-solving techniques.  My approach communicates kindness with every touch and spares your dog the fear and confusion that results from using shock collars, a bullying approach or excessive isolation.   

Come post, connect and wallow in dog love.  As a member only site you'll be in the company of other dog-crazy parents who can't wait to meet you and your baby!  




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